All you need to do is lower the channel fader on the channel which you want to cue. The VMS4 does, but not the newer model. As it has been said already, VMS 4. Posted Wed 10 Dec 14 9: If this is your issue found it from another forum.. Plug your timecodes in to linein midilog 2 and 3 the middle ones.

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Other than that, Atomix has nothing to do with American Audio. If you try to maerican a firmware file that’s not designed for your device e. Plug your timecodes in to linein midilog 2 and 3 american audio vms4.1 asio middle ones. Posted Thu 11 American audio vms4.1 asio 14 4: VirtualDJ don’t need it, you can still use another americsn out for your other softwares. It allows you to change the sound settings of the VMS4 and assign a different deck order in the mixer section.

Posted Wed 10 Dec 14 You will need to have the serial of the software registered to your Profile Page and Download the software from your Download Center Sound Setup For Limited Edition users For both 2 deck and 4 deck LE versions, the sound setup if available should be. American Audio VMS ameriican.

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No DJ mixer that I have ever used or know of, from any time period, disables the channel feed to the master output when cue is pressed. As it has american audio vms4.1 asio said already, VMS 4.

Then make your selection and power the unit back on. This is standard procedure for all DJ mixers.

American Audio VMS4.1 User Manual And Reference Manual: Asio Driver Installation

If this is your american audio vms4.1 asio found it from another forum. This way VMS4 turns to a 4X4 sound card meaning that you will be able to use only the midilogs 2 and 3 with the software, leaving the midilogs 1 and 4 for inputs of analogue sources. Posted Fri 12 Dec 14 5: Therefore there’s no point to keep this thread alive anymore.

There is no fault with the VMS4. In that case you can use CH1 and CH4 as smerican inputs, e. The VMS4 does, but not the newer model.

For problems relating to VMS firmware, you need to deal with American Audio – either by phone, american audio vms4.1 asio or using their forum.

Topic Locked Posted Fri 12 Dec 14 Posted Wed 10 Dec 14 9: All you need to do is lower the channel fader on american audio vms4.1 asio channel american audio vms4.1 asio you want to cue. Posted Wed 10 Dec 14 6: From what I can make out, you seem to think that pressing cue on a VMS4 mixer channel should prevent the channel from playing through the master output.

American audio vms4.1 asio this will ensure that your cue signal does not play through the speakers. In other words you use the intergrated EQ of the VMS4, and not the EQ of the software, but at the same time, you will view the eq knobs and the sliders to move on your screen. Please name me just one mixer specifically that behaves as you say.

The center part of the VMS4 is actually an analogue audio external mixer which also has the ability to send midi signals. I don’t know of any which work in that manner, and I’ve been using DJ mixers since the 70s. Several people tried to help you allready, but american audio vms4.1 asio appears american audio vms4.1 asio are not willing to listen on them.

Fake actions move the sliders on the screen but they do not affect the sound of the VMS4. The left and right sections of the VMS4 are pure midi. To prevent the channel you’re cueing from being audible, you need to lower the channel fader while you’re cueing.