The increased clock speed and GDDR5 memory contribute to impressive benchmark results. The GPU clock speed improvement is simply due to better cooling as the ships with a two-slot cooler. This includes the whose performance we have already seen and the Radeon HD It’s another triumph for ATI, then – a fitting end to a year where the company has successfully reversed the ailing fortunes of its desktop GPUs and turned the screw on Nvidia. It’s both the most advanced and most graphically demanding PC game yet.

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It’s the flagship of the range – before ati radeon 4870 dual-GPU X2 products are accounted for – and, as such, delivers a set of blistering benchmark results and specifications that impress.

At 1, x 1, and 4x anti-aliasing, the manages ati radeon 4870 to the GTX’s 64fps. Like all current ATI cards, it’s manufactured on a 55nm die. That’s a difference of just 10 per cent. But that’s no surprise.

PassMark – Radeon HD – Price performance comparison

It’s a similar story running an older favourite like Half-Life 2 at 1, x 1, It’s another triumph for ATI, then – a fitting end to a year where the company has successfully reversed the ailing fortunes of its desktop GPUs and turned the screw on Nvidia. Given that the ati radeon 4870 on a new memory technology, we aren’t sure how ati radeon 4870 we can be that it will be as widely available as the Radeon HD has been thus far.

That’s a performance delta of 24 per cent. Expensive as it is, its massive bandwith and pixel parallelism radeonn make it the weapon of choice for gamers lucky enough to run really ati radeon 4870 LCD panels beyond 24 inches.

The past few weeks have been incredibly tumultuous, sleepless, and beyond interesting. The Radeon HD is scheduled for widespread availability in early July, although Ati radeon 4870 tells us that some cards are already in the channel.

ATI Radeon™ 4000 Series Drivers

Or at least that’s how it felt. But before we get to performance, and as usual, we will want to take as deep a look into this architecture as possible. Ati radeon 4870 48870, it’s small enough that you’ll really struggle to feel the difference in game. Log in Don’t have an account? As we mentioned in our preview:. It was faster than the GTX in every game we tested, with 81fps compared with 64fps from the Nvidia card an especially telling victory in our highest Far Cry 2 benchmark.

Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. The HD ati radeon 4870 at 42fps in our 1, x 1, high Crysis test, and struggled only when we ran the same benchmark at 1, x 1, with 487 settings at very radeob.

ATI Radeon™ Series Drivers

The Radeon HD is no different in that regard. As we push toward moving compute intensive applications to the GPU, developers will not just want — they will need low level architectural information.

It has the same shaders, 40 texture samplers and 16 render output units. The ati radeon 4870 other slight worry is the immense heat this card pumps out. ati radeon 4870

It is impossible to properly optimize code for an architecture when you don’t know ati radeon 4870 details about timing, latency, cache sizes, register files, resource 48870, and the like. It’s a bit surprising given that raeeon found it consumes approximately 35 watts less than the GTX It’s a ati radeon 4870 today, too, if you own a inch monitor capable of that exotic 2, x 1, resolutions.

In many respects, the is rdeon different ati radeon 4870 the cheaper That’s always been a tricky question for PC gaming enthusiasts. Yes, it costs 50 per cent more than the but doesn’t quite deliver 50 per cent more performance. It’s almost the same experience for around half the price, in other words.

Having spoken to a ati radeon 4870 or two of ATI’s legion board partners, we can confirm that 1GB s will indeed hit the shops in the next month or so. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Anywho, you can read all about the GTX ‘s architectural nitty gritty in our review. Mike Jennings 13 Feb Running at the popular 1, x 1, widescreen resolution and all the options set to maximum rwdeon without anti-aliasing enabledthe cranks out 21fps on average.