You cannot upgrade the video in this system in any way, shape or form. Is it possible to extend the existing RAM size of the dell inspiron 15 model laptop with i3 7th generation processor? How to remove boot password in dell inspiron ? Have you tried deleting any video drivers you have in the system, rebooting, and seeing whether Windows is able to install a native driver that may work for you? Does the Dell Inspiron have a slot for a graphics card? I am totally confused now.

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I asked a friend about this, and he says that my computer has an integrated graphic card, or something like that, which means I can’t change it. The board has a PCI express slot in it.

Hi Anasastu, You’re welcome. An adaptor for inspiron to Apple Thunderbolt 27 in monitor?

I was able to fix my issue by selecting windows 7 64 bit as a option for drivers and installing the latest dell inspiron 1545 video card driver that dlel available. I think you didnt get my question. Todd, I couldn’t see how to send you a PM via your profile page, so I’m replying here.

Do you know if yours has the ATI card?

There’s an Intel-integrated version of the board, and an ATI version – you chose one or the other, and that’s what you have for the life of the system. Some of the Inspiron systems came with discrete ATI Radeon dell inspiron 1545 video card cards in addition to the onboard graphics.

But I still have some problems running games, so I figured out that I need a better graphic card. Feel dell inspiron 1545 video card to post in the forum for any issues.

How do I I upgrade my Dell Inspiron graphics card? I have tried looking around for some good ones, but there are very many. Ask New Question Sign In.

Solved: dell inspiron video drivers – Dell Community

How to get cheaper prices on everything. I have an Inspiron with slightly improved processor and RAM.

Can I add dell inspiron 1545 video card graphics card to dell inspiron 1545 video card Dell Inspiron 20? Facing ping spikes after updating some drivers. GPU function is included in the main Pentium processor. The feedback you provide care help us show you more relevant content in the future. How do I do a factory restore of a Dell Inspiron ? An adaptor for inspiron to Apple Inspirob 27 in monitor?

If a video card is not possible in my laptop then how come it is possible in studio laptops which uses the same mother board. I know that my laptop has a integrated graphics card.

Can Graphic card be added to Dell Inspiron 1545

I’m not sure there is a point in answering again, since you seem not to read the answers – but: How can I upgrade the graphics card of my Dell dimension ? Is it possible to extend the dell inspiron 1545 video card RAM size of the dell inspiron 15 model laptop with i3 7th generation processor?

Related Questions Can you add a graphics card to a Dell Inspiron 14r? I guess it should accept any good video card. You dismissed this ad.

You’ll also need a new heatsink assembly and if you have a 65W power adapter, you’ll need a 90W replacement. Can the video card of my Inspironwhich was purchased with the discrete graphics option, be upgraded? Intel PM 45 Chipset Thanks.

Did the tech support person give you a part number for a card that will work with the ?