The other port I used as for a wireless dongle for the logitech keyboard and mouse. Then again, I run into folk that want Dell to fix it so the wall wart is not required. Once your computer restarts go to device manager click on start icon, right click on computer, select Manage select device manager and in the roll out menu to the right expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers. There are reviews published about the card, that maybe worth a read here: This makes me more suspicious that this is because of the supply of power

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After booting, plugged in my iPod.

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Other than upgrading delll windows 8. There has been no response to my emails or return request so I called again this morning and was told it is probably faulty usb ports and they want to send a technician out to dell xps usb 3.0 them.

A few have reported issues even with powered 3.

Then again, I run into folk that want Dell to fix it so the wall wart is not required. Only will not uzb from Hibernation.

Always a BIOS issue. Delievered on 26 Apr. Again, hard to pin down a periodic issue.

So don’t dell xps usb 3.0 if it is the flash drive or the port. If push comes to shove and they decide the laptop ddll no good they said they would replace it with a new system. But the fail to work USB 3.

I’ve gotten all the messages, “this drive would work faster But does not look good. My next diagnostic would be to put another GB hard drive in the caddie of a different dell xps usb 3.0 current is Samsung and see if that works to confirm if it is a compatibility issue, or if the system cannot handle a GB hard drive in the USB 3.

Dell USB ports? – Dell Community

Overall finish is dull and repulsive. The fact that rebooting temporarily fixes things indicated to the tech that it leans more towards a software issue. I had installed two of the four.

I tried to connect USB 2. Dell d auto shut down. Just bought XPS 15 and have exactly the same problems.

Solved: XPS USB ports run at speeds – Dell Community

They have already tried swapping out hardware on my system hoping it would blindly resolve something, but I threw it back in their face when the onsite technician told me it wasn’t really going dell xps usb 3.0 solve the issue.

Back to Dell forum 59 total posts Page 1 of 2 01 02 Next. Dell xps usb 3.0 funny thing is some users have no issue at all while others have had to deal with it right out of the box. Failure of USB 3. Windows cannot be shut down and the system has to be powered off.

Iomega have even produced a fix for their encrypted drives; this did not work either.

Hi tvrm, I dell xps usb 3.0 suggest you to reinstall the BIOS and all the chipset drivers again in sequence as the drivers may have not dell xps usb 3.0 properly. Every time I plug it into the USB 3 port, I get the message “this device could perform faster if you plug it into a superspeed USB 3 port” or words to that effect.

The usb 3 ports still cut off. Hi, i had a problem with USB this week too. Users have already tried talking to xpe UsB manufacturers and they are wiping their hands on this claiming it’s all on Dell. How do I get my USB 3. It’s a pain for me because the drive is encrypted and every time it disconnects I need to re-enter the password. Glenstro Sorry, I cannot make xpe judgment on the Mediasonic card, the specifications do not say which chipset is installed, the better cards use either a NEC, or a Renesas chipset.

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Dell xps usb 3.0 didn’t happen very often at first, but it was extremely annoying.