Acer delivers a rock-solid entry-level laptop called Aspire E1. Quality journalism is paid by advertising. Even the screen is glossy and thus regrettably not very suitable for outdoor use. Our test device was approximately on a par with the contenders, which exclusively use AMD graphics cards, in 3DMark Affordable devices are sooner expected from Packard Bell , but the manufacturer belongs to Acer and sends in a test device that features an Intel Core i3 from the second generation.

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Warranty Acer includes a 2 year bring-in warranty on the Aspire EG. The laptop is e1 571g quiet, for example when watching a DVD. That means colors and brightness deviate on the screen when the user moves right, left, up or down from a frontal position. Thus, it is recommendable e1 571g select a lower detail level to really experience a stutter-free game.

It can render many up-to-date games in e1 571g detail settings as long as the games are not exceptionally demanding. The power supply unit seems oversized with over watts.

Acer Aspire EGG50Mnks – External Reviews

e1 571g It is not due to the power supply unit. Dell’s contender proves to be the leader and only consumes 0. The additional program dubbed “Acer Power Button” is a practical improvement of the operating system.

Overall, Acer’s Aspire EG is on the same performance level as the other entry-level laptops. That Acer apparently believes that dedicated euro and dollar signs are imperative, although they f1 already found on the keyboard A pen is needed for removing the battery. The fan virtually whirs e1 571g with a maximum of The way it is, is rather ordinary.

The display’s glossy-black lid is comprised of plastic, just like the wrist-rest in silver-gray e1 571g the keyboard’s matte rim.

It maintained its full clock rate of MHz. Acer’s Aspire EG does not e1 571g Bluetoothwhich e1 571g unfortunate when the user wants to link a phone with the PC or owns a Bluetooth headphone.

The device still consumed 0. Routine work should also run smoothly. Our test device also stands out from the competition in PCMark, which rates the system’s overall e1 571g. Dell also offers various e1 571g surfaces in different colors for its Inspiron 15R. A better screen, more interfaces and a higher quality keyboard would 517g reaped in a few more points for the device.

The 5571g runtime e1 571g our test device is also on class level. The graphics card’s power was not throttled even after longer load or on battery power.

Acer Aspire E1-571G Core i5

Quality journalism is paid by advertising. E1 571g is the common resolution for the entry-level category. We liked its performance all the more.

Acer Aspire EG vs. However, the performance gets tight when too many monsters occupy the screen here as well. Acer includes a 2 year bring-in warranty on the Aspire EG. However, it does not feature any highlights like the competition e1 571g in one way or another.

The reception did not weaken even at a e1 571g of 10 meters and 3 walls to the router. In case of damage, the laptop has to be sent to the manufacturer.

The e1 571g and the wrist rest As indicated above, the screen’s TN technology leads to fairly unstable viewing angles. Adblock users see more ads. A key below the touch-sensitive field can be pressed on the right or left and prompts the corresponding mouse click.