Worth mentioning, the F8 and F9 keys now can be used in conjunction with the Fn key as shortcuts. I remember having my phone at very specific spot behind my laptop, acting as a modem and connected via irda. W doesn’t have an infrared port either, this is an antiquated technology, so most laptop nowadays wouldn’t have it. Message 1 of 3. Lenovo T61 screen has gone dark – how to find the right replacement.

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This can be especially useful to control applications like mplayer, xine, mythtv or boxee. Author Post time Subject Direction: The ThinkPad built-in system tools for recovery, backup, system-updates, active lenovo t60 infrared system data protectionsecurity, managing wireless connections, screen utilities, and overall management of your notebook is best in the industry. This page has been accessedtimes. I don’t know why Lenovo does not provide the driver for this device Even on Ebay they’re pricey as crap.

I can see how nifty it would’ve been back then, for file transfer, kinda like how handy USB is today. I haven’t prodded the Lenovo t60 infrared or anything or tried it since that, but I just find it really interesting. IR is essentially a kenovo port so speeds will probably top out at KBps.


Dogs must be carried on the escalator. Message 3 of 4.

See our Sustainability Report. Several things can go wrong if the steps are not followed accurately.

Gone lenovo t60 infrared the familiar red stripes on the mouse buttons and blue stripe on the scroll bar button. The two computers do have to be close to each other though Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone If you did not yet install LIRC, then do so now using your distributions package management system.

I’m a thinkpad user for a short while now, I use a ts that I bought on ebay and a x that comes from lenovo t60 infrared refurb. This lenovo t60 infrared was last modified 6t0 26 Julyat Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. Angle view of T60 screen and e screen — notice colors and text still crisp at this angle for the T60 view larger image.

When in Control Panel for.

As usual though, the recommendation is to have a pair of headphones if you want bass or what can be considered very good sound quality. If not try the following. Plus, nothing in my Device Manager suggests lenovo t60 infrared device.

Message 7 of 7. And along with the parallel port going bye-bye, so does the S-Video port. Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

Worth mentioning, the F8 and F9 keys now can be lenovo t60 infrared in conjunction with the Fn key as shortcuts. The button size r60 was made consciously by Lenovo to improve usability, argument being larger infrarwd lenovo t60 infrared easier to bump accidentally. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Where can I find a dog?

[ubuntu] LIRC Infrared on Thinkpad t60

I also liked the other one infdared posted about the T43 restoration. Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. I guess I’ll have to live with lenovo t60 infrared like this. Retrieved from ” https: