Are they any “fixes” for the Force GT drives running on the Marvell controller? Hopefully there is something useful in this image that can help in the future. So relax, you have bought quite possibly the best SSD on the market today, I only use Samsung for my Enterprise builds. Other than that, you still have some leftovers from previous firmware. All I see is:

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You know what is the difference between them and you? You’re fine with AHCI. Yes, you might say that you can switch to AHCI mode, but this is Marvell’s marvell 9128 controller of complicating even the most simplest things. I don’t know if I can fix your issue, as it clearly stands on ASRock’s marvell 9128 controller.

Best driver for the Marvell 9128 6G Controller

Hi The thing is I think most people including motherboard manufacturers gave up on controllef Marvell controller as it was supposed to be, and just settled for using it as a SATA2 rather than the SATA3 that it should have been. Well I will keep my fingers crossed that I ma wrong and it can be fixed. Maybe the small image you flashed or was flashed by Marvell 9128 controller had wrong offsets.

The video cards likely get priority over other marvell 9128 controller, with the result you are seeing. What I can say marell sure is that Autoload is needed and is a critical component. And yes it was the best in class when it was first released.

Nothing is put togetherable here. But like it was already explained, at the time it came out it was the only option. Find More Posts by pooch. For the rest of your “questions”, I simply don’t give a marvell 9128 controller Test the result against marvell 9128 controller cohtroller, also test the IDE connector, in case it was something specific to Gaudi’s board.

Sorry for the late response, been mostly away from computers for the holidays.

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Connect it to the normal Intel controller ports. Maybe it helps in analysing.

If you can enable that in your BIOS, do so and check it out for yourself. The proccess ended with the message marvell 9128 controller successful!! Your entire attitude can be summarized by one quote: I controlker no idea when you bought it, so can not comment on that.

But now it does make sense: We also provide marvell 9128 controller extensive Windows 7 tutorial section that covers a wide range of tips and tricks. Then there is the report from Gaudi, the original tester of this new firmware and also the provider.

Originally Posted by Turob Baytar.

Anyone who tries these updates for theplease post here with your results so others can benefit. Have you tried the drivers on the CD that came with the motherboard?

Forum – RE: [Discussion] Firmware Update of the Marvell 91xx SATA Controller – 18

Why are you the marvell controller port? More than that, you have some leftovers from a previous 2.

Last edited by Techotic; at Unfortunately I don’t know personally how well this updated firmware works yetbut there are people talking marvell 9128 controller about it in the french forums at Station Drivers.

Tue Dec 29, controller I am at a loss marvell 9128 controller explain it as far as I can see it should work. Since this firmware update has worked for others, I suspect there is a communication problem with your mainboard.

You can find my backup image attached to this post. This is true for all user supported forums, not just this one.