Read All 13 Member Reviews. The only “frill” is the on board TV-Out option which is based on an integrated albeit unknown video codec. This Product is Not Available. May We Also Suggest. This isn’t that great, considering if the fan goes, you really have no cooling solution, at least with a passive heat sink there is nothing to wear out. Ask a question Compare.

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Summary This card was purchased for a system for everyday use with minimal gaming and it has served its ,si very well. Got mx440-8tx 3dmarks b in a mhz Athlon system. Radeon RX Msi mx440-t8x with coolbits, msi mx440-t8x also maxed out the Powerstrip slider at MHz, but unfortunately this time we didn’t have a work around for the core speed limit.

Specifications [ Edit History ]. Cons -Obviously not the greatest for playing games. I would buy again for a regular desktop system.

I don’t know if mine was msi mx440-t8x but Mx440-t8d could not access the drivers area on the CD. Again, the msi mx440-t8x benefit comes from increasing the RAM speed. All pricing subject to change. This item is no longer available. For all prices, products and offers, NCIX.

GeForce GTX We do not recommend you make purchasing decisions based on facts or opinions expressed regarding Msi mx440-t8x MS reviews. Pros Will run computer fine if you are not gaming. However, this card is decent if gaming msu one of your primary uses for the card.

The msi mx440-t8x aluminum heatsink on the other hand got extremely hot at stock, but we were still able to get a good overclock.

It’s not that ATi cannot offer the msi mx440-t8x mx4440-t8x of product, it’s just that until recently ATi has been focusing more on being a performance leader and offering competitive pricing on their flagship line of msi mx440-t8x only. Get Deal Alerts in your Inbox! Send Us a Message.

Supported by the biggest tech community forums. The only “frill” is the on board TV-Out option which is based on an integrated albeit unknown video codec.

It starts to show its age on newer games though. Beginners Guides Cases and Access. The heatsink never got very hot but expecting to msi mx440-t8x some overclocking, I slapped on a small CPU fan I had lying around.

MSI NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 MS-8895 MX440-T8X MX440T8X

Would order from them again. Summary Msi mx440-t8x card performs well for the expectations, which aren’t that much though. Please check with your B2B sales representative for specific terms and details.

Reviews are not an endorsement expressed by NCIX. This Product is Not Available. Each messsage is carefully tracked until any issue is resolved. Cons Not very powerful. Radeon HD 1. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. BIOS flashed fine – drivers updated fine – if your looking for a budget card this will do – although the SE is about the same price and would be a better grab IMO.

No refunds jsi be issued for blank media, digital camera and accessoriesopened software, msi mx440-t8x, printer supplies, paper, projectors and msi mx440-t8xappliances, handhelds, PDAs, notebook computers, special order computers and special order items.

Summary The model Msi mx440-t8x received had no heat sink, but a small fan blowing straight on the chip.