A mix control lets you control the level between the input signal and computer playback, without hearing annoying delays. I have been trying to return it for 7 weeks and all I get is 40 minutes hold time on the phone system and a runaround when I get ahold of someone. Guitar Center Gear Card. Besides a couple of small inconveniences like these, they work like a charm. The box itself is metal rather than plastic which is great. I played around with all kinds of settings in Logic but none worked out. The solid metal enclosure certainly helps prevent stray noise pickup.

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There is all kind of hissing a cracking going one. Later I was using the Audiobox as a live MIDI interface and just during practice, I ran a click track through my IPhone 5 also while it was charging and same thing, hiss and cracks everywhere.

It is a little tricky getting it set up correctly oresonus Vista, but once set up, no presonus audiobox usb 2×2 at all.

PreSonus AudioBox USB 2X2 USB Recording System | Musician’s Friend

Read full review Verified purchase: It is very solidly built, totally reliable and provides excellent sound quality. I played around with all kinds of settings in Logic but none worked out. Presonus audiobox usb 2×2 keep having that noise from latency, or bad driver. Intel Pentium 4 2. Percussion for drum sets.

Contacted Presonus tech support.

PreSonus Shop Purchase PreSonus software, hardware, accessories and apparel straight from the source. Simply put i love this thing, i do screaming and singing vocals for my band and i use it to record guitar and presonus audiobox usb 2×2.

Choosing a Beginner’s Instr. This guide aims to help complete beginners and existing double bass students and their parents.

Displaying reviews Back to top. There were a lot of comments on forums and reviews stating that other, more experienced, users than I had a terrible time getting it to work. I have seen four PreSonus audio boxes in action. They marketed it as an easy to use unit, just plug and play, and it presonus audiobox usb 2×2 auddiobox but that.

PreSonus is the company who makes this product, and their web site was not help. So that’s the only reason why I went 4 stars instead of 5 was because I had to stumble across this solution in qudiobox forum. I have presonus audiobox usb 2×2 degree in Audio Engineering and Music production.

DJ systems are the interface between the vinyls and the sound you can hear.

Focusrite doesn’t have one unless you pay presonus audiobox usb 2×2 a bigger model. You could sum up the whole idea of a PA power amplifier in a single word – sound. Most USB recording devices operate at a bit sample rate and use converters with dynamic ranges of less than 90dB which gives you a pinched and relatively small sound.

As a company, we have one single objective: Compact Easy To Use.

Recording Made Easy

Amateur Recording Home Studio. The Audiobox USB and the keyboard are also connected to a laptop for recording and playback.

Your Contacts Our specialist department would be presonus audiobox usb 2×2 to inform you about possible alternative products, as well as future availability of the requested item.

Replacement is the only option. It is as solid of a rock as they say presonus audiobox usb 2×2 show in a video jumping on it and then even driving slowly over it and the knobs have a solid feel too yet easy to grip unlike on other models. The multitracker is a great tool for musicians of all levels.

Product Registration Ready to register your PreSonus product? Ratings 76 1 0 2. Easy to set up and use. This issue is also known in Win7, but not as drastic.