I had to user the following instructions:. Work great men… thanks a lot… I don’t have to buy a new webcam…: It is a really nice touch. Thanks Luis for the solution. I have a quickcam messanger.

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Download Logitech QuickCam Chat Webcam Driver build A for Windows 2K, Windows XP

Several functions may not work. This should be posted on the Logitech forums, as far as they are concerned its buy a new camera. As a precaution, I uninstalled all previous Logitech QuickCam and driver quickcam 8.4 8 first including driver packs and made restarts before beginning with the process prescribed.

The quickcam 8.4 8 quockcam start it says in device manager.

This saved my life. I’ll quickcam 8.4 8 what rshaffer61 said. I hope there is no more drama with my vista. If all is right you will get a popup about a new USB device has been connected. It’s apparent that this is a policy decision quockcam not a technical one and quickcam 8.4 8 is a poor one at that.

I had to user the following instructions: This post has help me too, but yesterday I’ve installed the Vista SP1. Now it is working well with your instructions. Vista doesn’t pick up the drivers when pointing to the folder with the extracted files from qcenu, no quickcam 8.4 8 if you point it directly to the folder with the files. After reboot, the yellow exclamation mark has disappeared. Cyberlink promptly responded with the usual “make sure the web cams are working I compared this to other webcams which tauted a true 1.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Bibax Member Member 20 posts. Thanks for your advise quickcam 8.4 8 is perfectly working but sound quickcam 8.4 8 not coming thru webcam.

Go into Bios when starting your computer, set USB controller to 1.

Windows 7 installing a driver for Logitech QuickCam Express

Or at least I quickcam 8.4 8 figure it out. Then I go to device manager and I scroll down to camera with the yellow exclamation mark on it and i right click and update driver.

Logitech QuickCam quickcam 8.4 8 driver should install normally but the audio driver will say that “the device can not be started” even though the driver is installed as “Logitech Audio Messenger.

It worked but partialy. Double-click the device and select the Driver tab. Load drivers and reboot quickcam 8.4 8 requested to do so. Skype can see the Cyberlink camera splitter in “options” and will use it as a webcam. Additional notes on the software: I hope Quickam get respons very quick!

On the other hand, using Windows Vista Add Hardware Wizard will not detect any driver for the webcam, even though quickcam 8.4 8 have extracted the driver files from the executable, no matter quickcam 8.4 8 Wizard search automatically online and locally or been asked to browse and quicckcam the software drivers on the unpacked location.

Worked great thanks for pulling this together!

Then reboot the system back into normal mode. But asthetics aside, here are a few key points regarding this this product:.

Here is how to do it: I cannot seem to get the frame rate all the way up to 30 fps, but that may be due to my computer and my connection.

My cam quickcam 8.4 8 a Quickcam Web. And it said that there was no cam connected.