Monitors fan speed and cabinet temperature of ProLiant Storage System and newer Compaq storage enclosures. Environment Tracking for External Storage System: If a failure occurs, recovery begins with an On-Line Spare and data is reconstructed automatically. One-year, on-site limited warranty. Designed and integrated with Compaq entry-level and workgroup ProLiant servers, this product provides worry-free data protection. The SA is supported only in 3.

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Compaq Smart Array 532 64bit Controller Eob016 PCI Ultra CNTRL SCSI 226874-001

Certain restrictions and exclusions apply. In addition, the Wmart is data compatible with all Wide Ultra3 and Wide Ultra2 drives and servers, offering an unparalleled degree of investment protection.

It is smart array 532 high-performance RAID. If a failure occurs, recovery begins with an On-Line Spare and data is reconstructed automatically. Universal Hot Plug Tape Drives.

Consistency and Upgradability make the Smart Array family unique in the industry: Consistent Configuration and Management Tools – all Smart Array products utilize a standard set of management smar utility software. This reduces the risk of flashing firmware to the controller. Minimizes downtime, smart array 532 data, and facilitates a quick recovery from drive failure Recovery ROM: The SA will support all Ultra2 and Ultra3 smart array 532, storage enclosures, and hard disk drives.

HP 226874-001 Smart Array 532 Controller ZY

Even successive generations of Smart Array smart array 532 understand the data format of other Smart Array Controllers.

Compaq’s innovative design and integration work of the Smart Array family of products creates customer value that is unmatched smart array 532 the industry. Data Compatibility – among all models of Smart Array controllers allows simple and easy upgrades any time needs for higher performance, capacity, and availability increase.


Up to two spare drives can be installed prior smarh drive failure. If the firmware becomes corrupt, the controller will revert back to the previous version of firmware and continue operating. This allocates parity data across multiple drives and allows simultaneous write operations. These tools minimize Total Cost of Ownership TCO by reducing training requirements smart array 532 technical expertise necessary to install and maintain the Compaq server storage.

Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology first developed at Compaq detects possible hard disk failure before it occurs, allowing replacement of the component before failure occurs.

smart array 532 This allocates half of the drive array to data and the other half to mirrored data, providing two copies of every file. One-year, on-site limited warranty Pre-Failure Warranty: CarePaq is available for sale anytime during the warranty period for most products, but the commencement date will smart array 532 the same as the Warranty Start Date delivery date to end user customer. Software Product Services Smart array 532 telephone support Rights to new license version Media and documentation updates Hardware Product Services Installation services On-site maintenance includes warranty support Response time upgrades during the warranty period Post-warranty coverage RAID setup and performance consulting via statement of work For additional hardware installation and maintenance information, please refer to the URLs listed below: Unlike competitive products, successive generations of Smart Array products understand the data format of other Smart Array controllers, providing investment protection for your Compaq storage solution.

Consult the Compaq Customer Support Center for details.

Compaq Smart Array Controller – World Wide QuickSpecs

Monitors fan speed and cabinet temperature of ProLiant Storage System and newer Compaq storage smart array 532. GUI based configuration, management and diagnostic software tools Common data formatting between generations of products Data migration between servers and external storage enclosures.

Given the rapid growth of user data, the SA is a perfect companion to rapid expansion: Smart array 532 is recommended for up to 14 hard drives. In addition, a seamless upgrade to next generation Compaq high performance and high capacity mainstream Ultra3 Smart Array controllers.

For additional Virtual Replicator ordering information refer to http: The SA provides high reliability and increased performance over the Smart Arraythus providing excellent value and lowering the total server ownership cost.

Smart Array Cache Tracking monitors integrity of controller cache, allowing smart array 532 preventative maintenance. The remaining warranty of 52 Compaq server product in which it is installed to a smart array 532 three-year limited warranty.

Pentium is a registered trademark or trademark of Intel Corporation in the U. With compatibility across many enterprise platforms, you are free to deploy and re-deploy these drives to quickly deliver increased storage capacity, smart array 532 data between systems, raray easily manage spare drives.