I want to select only one program of transponder and check discontinuity in this mode. There are ‘polish’ transponders, so they are known for me. Edited December 7, by strs So you can receive it only in or near Poland. That’s what I’ve already suggested to TechniSat. Dunno why it happens – it’s not reproducible. Its better to separate this postings.

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Download and install TechniSat TechniSat DVB-PC TV Star USB HD BDA – driver id

Driving a motor technisat bda burn Skystar S2. By the way on technisat site there is no technical data except LNB current limit. Edited November 29, by Technisaf.

As well as changinng motherboard. Hardware PID filtering can be useful for receiving transponders with a tecnisat high data rate exceeding the hardware’s maximum transfer rate, thus causing loss of data. Technisat bda it must work.

Therefor you have to consult the transponder lists to know the used paramters. After that I checked technisat bda of chips and found it for sure less than 70 degrees. There is no information yet about new card.

Technisat bda every few seconds.

It is as simple as that to install a Windows driver! Other things that I’ve observed: Explanations are coming soon It may solve all your problems.

TransEdit provides a tweak technisat bda switching it off see manual. Posted September 20, Sign in Techniat have an account? technisat bda

I have this problem from Technisat bda. After few days problem was come back i didn’t do anything. Obviously the SkyStar S2 is able to detect them automatically.

I have a SkyStar S2 technisat bda my PC, and it’s working quite well technisat bda no discontinuities at all, in contrast to some other cards that I’ve tested. I will add few screens which will better than my ‘crazy english’.

TechniSat TechniSat DVB-PC TV Star USB HD BDA – two ways of downloading and installing the driver

Really fix it, technisat bda by keeping the card powered on all the time? Wait 4 hours and watch number of discontinuities. I believe I answered your question above. Is there any way to make SkyStar S2 moving diseqc motor? You also may want to to have a look at this technisat bda After 4 hours of watching the card technisat bda no longer working? The problem is known general hardware problem, not SS-S2 technidat.

Someone from that forum recently posted a message that he replaced oscillator on SS-S2 with 80Mhz and he can receive all high speed transponders. nda

Technisat SkyStar 2 PCI E – BDA service not starting – DvbDream Community

Posted Technisat bda 20, edited. Posted September 19, techniaat Is this a solution? Or fail-safe limit is less than ? Posted December 7, edited. We are sorry not being able to give you a more positive information.

Skystar should always technisat bda with pc’s power-supply by provided connector.