I get it to record perfectly for the first track, but when I move to the next track, it won’t record. I did some research on the internet and i realized that it seems to be a latency issue with the product. You’ve already spent too much money now to create you home studio. So far, it works just fine and I have cut some very clean tracks. I went from a stable system to having my system freeze fairly regularly after installing the US

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THe product also offers jacks for you to plug in your guitar. The Mic pre’s stink, but you oughta get a Tascxm Meek or something for your pre-ampage anywho.

It does it all. Sometimes they work seamlessly, but sometimes they just don’t work on certain operating systems or computer setups. I got it installed after I had turned all my things like the hardware wizard us 122 tascam on. Otherwise, if the connector us 122 tascam over the contacts inside the plug in such a way as to short the plug, you could blow the channel.

Tascam USL Audio/MIDI Interface USL B&H Photo Video

Our members also liked: This also instantly accepts non-powered microphones and it powers su with built in trinkle power phantom power and it also accepts guitar levels instantly. Quality is rugged duty, and the unit has rubber feet that allow it to stay put. It sounds quite clear and makes us 122 tascam SM47 really shine.

Music Education For Children. Make sure you pay attention to us 122 tascam settings!

Tascam US USB Audio/MIDI Interface | Musician’s Friend

The US can record and playback two channels at once stereo. I have never had any problems. This is definitely a good budget audio interface to check us 122 tascam if you’re looking for one to get started with.

For a beginner at the time it was definitley frustrating. I also like the fact that it’s completely portable us 122 tascam self-powered via USB. I had to install the software, and cancel the setup, this process had to be done 3 times, tascak on the thrid time for some reason it would us 122 tascam, crazy if you ask me.

Tascam US-122

Write a user review. Truly a way to get music into my laptop. This device also is small: We purchased a lab full of USs to go with brand new dual-core Dell Optiplexes.

See all my reviews. This page was last updated: If it worked for me it would have been a great device. You’ve already spent too much money now to create you home studio. Then, us 122 tascam week, after doing some heavy us 122 tascam there was a fuzzing noise that started loud and faded out, as i looked at the lights on the interface, they were fading out.

I do and I have never had a problem with my US and I have had it 6 months now. After a little research, I bought the US I mainly used it with my live laptop setup to play synths and keyboards, which is perfect with this unit, since it can hs MIDI and audio at the same time. I’m told it may have something to do with the Hyperthreading processor I have.

Great piece of recording equipment, affordable. The choice to purchase the Tascam US was really easy for me, it was cheap and would allow me to record two tracks at the same time. I have not heard or used any of these. It could have tascaj the laptop or it could have been the USs software. If you want to form a bridge between your music and your us 122 tascam, there’s a new solution that combines affordability and ease-of-use with powerful capabilities and excellent built-in compatibility with your rascam The driver installed with no us 122 tascam in XP Home.